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Many Small Business owners I speak to realize the value of advertising. They would like a professionally written and produced advertisement but just do not have money in their budgets. So they are thinking about producing one themselves.


The biggest draw back I hear from many of them is they do not know where to start. So to that end we are providing this Interview guideline. We use this guideline as a base document in several of our advertising campaigns to help us get the process started. Regardless if it is a print advertisement or video ad the same basic marketing fundamentals apply.


If you sit down and answer the questions you begin to see an outline or skeleton of an advertisement emerge. The basic marketing principles are baked in to the question and the answers should provide you with a clear path. All you need to do is put flesh on the bone, buff it up and before long you should have a focused, effective, marketing driven advertisement that will dive people to your business or website.


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